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We operate in the fields of petrochemicals, pulp and paper production, wind and solar energy, water and filtration infrastructure, industrial machinery, spare parts and much more. Post-sanction Iran offers great opportunities for European companies. We will help you to pinpoint, and build connections to, the right partners and resources.
Nordic noor solutions international is a young, fast and flexible company, with well-placed contacts in Iran.


Iran is the 18th biggest economy in
the world. Post-sanction Iran
provides great opportunities for
business development. We create
partnerships between Iranian and
Finnish, Nordic and European
companies. Our mission is to bring
together the right business partners
and resources.

Water and Filtration

Water is one of the biggest
challenges for Iranian Industries,
agriculture & municipalities.
Challenges in the areas of water
ltration, storage and transportation
provide plenty of opportunity for our
partners. We provide well
established connections with the
local companies that are deling with
these challenges.

Wind and Solar Energy

Iran’s rapidly growing industries are facing massive challenges in the elds of power and electricity. The local climate provides equally great opportunity for the production of renewable energy. We support Iran’s efforts to produce 20% of it’s total energy from renewables in 2020.


Iran has a long tradition in the production of oil, gas and other petrochemicals. The upgrading and rebuilding of these industries in post- sanction Iran, requires huge investments, technologies, machineries and other solutions. We can provide reliable partners and connections in Iran.

Equipment & machinery

Post-sanction Iran is in a process of rapidly developing its industries. This creates a great market for industrial equipment. There is a huge demand for everything from spare parts to second hand factories, in all elds of industries. We can help you to nd the best buyer to refurbished your facility.

Pulp and paper

The demand of pulp and paper in Iran massively exceeds the country’s ability to produce these products. The Iranian market for pulp and paper is huge and rapidly growing. Iran is looking towards substantially increasing its local production of these products. Our partners in Iran are mainly looking for pulp, paper and second hand machinery.

Our Team

Head of our company, doctor Mohammad Bagher Khajeheian, is a Finnish-Iranian Chemical Engineer.

Mohammad Bagher Khajeheian
+358 45 656 9336


Our CEO Mohammad was interviewed in the local newspaper about his activities in NNS International Ltd.


Our CEO Mohammad was part of a documentary program ”Närbild (Close up)” on the Finnish National television about his life, hobbies and his work in NNS International Ltd.



For more information related to our team & services, please contact us at info@nnsint.eu or call +358 45 656 9336